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G-shock is the most common name which comes to our mind when we think of modern watches. Same as the name, its evolution was also shocking for the world. The world has never imagined a watch with such great quality and features. It was year 2017 when into the atmosphere defying the Earth’s gravitational force …READ MORE

Nike is the most common name in sportswear and sharing the market with other big brands like Adidas and Puma, It had started its journey just 50 years back. It was one man’s dream of better shoes that turned into a global corporation worth over 100 billion dollars today. Let’s take you back to the …READ MORE

Today the way of living has changed to the new normal. What we previously define normal is now a situation of past. Before this pandemic our definition of economics was simple and straight. We had a conversations about the gig economy start and now is the time has shown the importance of gig economy in … READ MORE

India is a mix economy where both private and public sector companies work together for benefit of the nation. They work in different areas like –automobile, real-estate, fmcg, telecom, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, etc. The experts think that now we should move towards privatization of public companies.it will not only open up new opportunities but will …READ MORE

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